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Injection Moulded Plastic Stationary Catalogue

Archivo 2000 counts with a totally automated manufacturing process, which combined with its 5.000 square meters logistics warehouse and by means of an integral computer system management for storage and product dispatch, permits the company to render high quality services required by our clients.

  • File and Classification

    File and Classification

    Discover our range of files that offer classification solutions for all types of documents.

  • Modular System Files

    Modular System Files

    Offers a complete line of stackable modular systems and classifiers of high quality and resistance.

  • Office Furniture

    Office Furniture

    Composed of different office furniture: Chairs, Metal Office Cupboards, Metal Lockers, Metallic shelves, Hangers, Footrests, Desk blotters, Trays and Metallic coin holder boxes and the innovative Take a Break.

  • Archicubo


    Modular Organisers injected in high quality transparent and bright polystyrene.

  • Display Cases

    Display Cases

    Our large family of high quality and durable display cases, both for countertops and wall units, with our new line of Premium models, exclusively of Spanish manufacture.

  • Trays


    This family of products consists of one of Archivo 2000’s most representative articles: Our Trays.

  • Filing boxes

    Filing boxes

    Our Filing Boxes combine perfectly with the rest of desktop accessories you need for your office.

  • Waste Paper Bins and Umbrella stands

    Waste Paper Bins and Umbrella stands

    In our family of waste paper bins, you can find a wide range of plastic and metallic paper bins, as well as high capacity containers.

  • Everything in its Place

    Everything in its Place

    Ideal multipurpose boxes to meet all types of storage requirements for documents as well as for any type of objects found at home or at the office.

  • Office Accessories

    Office Accessories

    Made up of small desktop accessories that will help you organize your desk in a very effective and original way.

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