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About Archivo 2000

Acerca de la Empresa Archivo 2000


We have to find filing and classification solutions for our customers, offering those leading products in quality and reliability with a more competitive price and with the least delivery period as possible.


In Archivo 2000 we are constantly improving and for this we hold regular meetings for each department. We carrying this out want to know first-hand the needs of them, as well as ideas and suggestions that our workers can contribute to any of the organizations branch.

Our Company is characterized by working as a team and the most important aspect is the collaboration and cooperation between each other for proper daily working order.

In addition to this, we are totally involved with our workers, encouraging them without any doubt in training, their participation and talent which benefit the internal promotion.


Our moral code is mainly distinguished by the commitment with our workers, customers and suppliers. We add high value added to our customers and we satisfy their needs in a social responsible way. Besides this, we avoid all type of conflicts of interest between our different products distribution chain links.

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