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Modular System Files

Offers a complete line of stackable modular systems and classifiers of high quality and resistance.

Our Modular Filing System ARCHIVOTEC 4000 stacks files perfectly just by placing one module over another. One of its models -our translucent design- offers 4 attractive and dynamic colours to combine perfectly with our wide range of desk accessories.

The ARCHIVOTEC 6000 Module is of greater capacity than the 4000 and offers a wide variety of office solutions, depending on the number and size of drawers available.

The ARCHISYSTEM, of high durability, offers the best and most complete solutions for organizing and classifying your documents, permitting you to mount all types of structures, vertically and horizontally, and also, if needed, structures of considerably larger size.

The ARCHIVODOC is ideal for desktops or for the inside of filing cabinets and is the definitive solution for the storage of all types of office materials.

  • ArchivoTec Serie 4000

    Modular Filing units ideal for A4, Folio and sub-folders formats.

  • ArchivoTec Serie 6000

    Drawer Module Unit ideal for any format type: A4 and larger (for documents measuring up to 270 x 325 mm).

  • Archisystem

    Available models:

  • ArchivoDoc

    Ideal for DIN-A4, DIN-A3 formats and envelopes up to format C4. Includes Identification tab holders for each space.

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