Union Europea

Office Furniture

Composed of different office furniture: Chairs, Metal Office Cupboards, Metal Lockers, Metallic shelves, Hangers, Footrests, Desk blotters, Trays and Metallic coin holder boxes and the innovative Take a Break.

Archivo 2000´s range of office chairs offers models with synchronous and asynchronous mechanisms, as well as , swivel or fixed chairs, chairs with permanent contact mechanisms, or with vivoting mechanisms, apart from other accessories..

Our metal cupboards offer a storage solution in steel, at a very competitive price. The metal drawers are delivered completely assembled and can have two, three or four drawers. The metal lockers come with one, two or three compartments and all of them include identification tabs.

Our metal hangers are practical and functional. Our footrests are totally ergonomic and are injected in ABS. The desk blotters offer a comfortable solution to write with ease on your desk. This group is completed with different models of coin holder boxes and trays to classify coins in euros, as well as bills.

We personalise our products