Union Europea

Display Cases

Our large family of high quality and durable display cases, both for countertops and wall units, with our new line of Premium models, exclusively of Spanish manufacture.

Because of their transparency, they visually take up very little space, and the user’s selection of the information they contain, is done in a totally intuitive manner, because the contents remain visible at all times.

Our display cases ARCHIPLAY, are made of injected transparent polystyrene and offer a wide range of counter-stand or wall-mounted solutions.

Our multipurpose display cases are manufactured in highly resistant plastic and come with a very stable base. Just as our ARCHIPLAY, they offer solutions for any type of communication necessity. Ideal as brochure holders, menu holders, sign indicators, etc.

Our ARCHIBEND display cases, are durable, stable and come in original forms and astonishing colours. They are the most innovative items added to this great family and are, without any doubt, the ideal solution to capture the users’ attention.

We personalise our products